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Quick Summary

  • Two Leaving Room
  • Four Bed Rooms
  • One Kitchen
  • One Garages
  • One Swimming Pool
  • 1500 sqft


Quick Summary

  • One Leaving Room
  • Three Bed Rooms
  • One Kitchen
  • One Garages
  • One Swimming Pool
  • 1400 sqft


Quick Summary

  • One Leaving Room
  • Two Bed Rooms
  • One Kitchen
  • One Garages
  • One Swimming Pool
  • 1300 sqft


Quick Summary

  • One Leaving Room
  • One Bed Rooms
  • One Kitchen
  • One Garages
  • One Swimming Pool
  • 1200 sqft


Quick Summary

  • One Leaving Room
  • One Bed Rooms
  • One Kitchen
  • No Garages
  • No Swimming Pool
  • 1100 sqft


How to Become a Realtor

The real estate business has always been a great market. Since buying and selling a property has always been on the demand and people are always buying and selling a property. So if you are planning to become a realtor, then it is an excellent market to get. Unlike other degrees, you do not need a costly education to become a real estate agent or a broker.

If you think you have the skill of convincing people, then this is the job for you. Real estate brokers need a lot of skill in convincing their clients into buying property. The more you convince people to purchase a property the better will be your job profile.


So to become a real estate agent or a broker you can follow the below step. These steps can guide you into becoming a real estate agent or a broker.

  • Take up the pre-licensing course.
  • Take up the licensing exam.
  • Find a brokerage.
  • Create your profile.

Take up the pre-licensing course:

Be it whatever state or district you are in, before taking up the licensing exam you must take the pre-licensing course. Without taking the course, you will not be allowed to take up the licensing exam. In the pre-licensing course, you will be taught about the basic terminology used in the real estate business, and you will also be taught how to value the property. These courses have a different duration in various states. Some states require only a few hours of classes while other states require more hours of coursework. You have finished up your pre-licensing course you are allowed to take up the exam.

Taking up the licensing exam:

After completing the required hours of pre-licensing course, you need to take up the exams. The license may cost you around $200, and it may vary from state to state. The pre-licensing courses will help you with the exams.

Find a brokerage:

Once you are licensed, you need to find a brokerage. To become a real estate broker, you first must get trained from the brokerage. The brokers will guide you through various things in the business. Make sure that you find a good brokerage so that you get proper training.  Make sure that you get the required additional coursework and if you can work with a broker in the brokerage so that you can learn from them.

Also, make sure that you work with someone who has a good experience in the field and learn about the client contact style and the art of earning commission checks.

Create your profile:

Once you have completed everything, you need to create a good profile for yourself. Creating your profile starts right from the beginning. The kind of pre-licensing course you took and the licensing exams you had taken up matters in creating a good profile for yourself. The clients are interested to know if you are certified properly and if you have had a good brokerage.


Customer Service Tips for Real Estate Agents

Real estate has been a competitive field always. After the usage of online services like housing search sites and Redfin, realtors are forced to work under more pressure to sustain and prove their worth, and also in Building long-lasting relationships with customers. Providing phenomenal service to the customer is the way to acquire the trust and customer loyalty. By executing the customer service value, the following list of customer service tips is compiled.

Customer service

1.    Be Friendlier:

A real estate agent is required to build new relationships. The main objective may be to sign a lease or make a sale, but the customers are not to be treated as just a transaction.

When the relationship is stronger, a door is built for repeated business and referred business as we live in a connected world.

You can exhibit genuine care by,

  • Valuing the time of your client. Don’t be late for appointments
  • Listen to the client actively and try to know their requirements.
  • Manage your client’s expectations and communicate properly.

2.    Be responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of the client:

Make sure to meet the unsaid and expressed needs of the client. For example, migrated customers may not be aware of the local needs and situations, as a responsible realtor make sure to satisfy the customer.

The real estate agent should also be aware and responsive to the expressed needs. For example, if a customer doesn’t like any of the houses you show, make sure to pay close attention to their feedback and comments to improve the service.

3.    Create a unique and memorable experience for the clients:

A good Real estate agent should create unique, and personal experience for the customers. Engage with the clients and find out what they are in need of.

  • Send a birthday card
  • Point out where the local dance studio is if their child is a budding dancer.
  • At the end of a sale, consider making a personalized present. A perfect gift from a real estate agent would be to give a glass box with the client’s house mounted on top.

4.    Protect the privacy and security of the clients:

When strong relationships are built with clients, the agents are entitled to know confidential information. Celebrities can be your client. Make sure to practice discretion. When the details of the past clients are shared with a new client, the trust of the current client is lost. If you truly engage with the clients, you will not only experience its impacts on your sales, and you will also develop life-long friends in the process.

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