Activist, Scholar Chomsky: On Human Rights and Ideology

QUESTION: The past decade has witnessed a trend toward what some observers described as “neo-conservatism” among some self-proclaimed former members of the liberal intelligentsia. How do you analyze this trend? CHOMSKY: You’re thinking of people like Nathan Glazer and Patrick Moynihan and so on. Well, I think these people were very much frightened by the […]

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The Shadow Economy

QUESTION: The journal has approached this particular publication on Shadow Economies in an effort to explore the socioeconomic aspects of the subject. General themes have emerged that reveal instances of economic imbalances stemming from political, legislative and commercial action that enriches some and impoverishes others. These implications of shadow economies, which is in many cases […]

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Who runs America?

Noam Chomsky, one of the world’s leading linguistic thinkers, is also one of its leading political dissidents. A professor of linguistics at MIT (where he has taught since 1955), he has consistently spoken out about abuses of power, particularly those involving US corporations. He has been arrested several times and was on Richard Nixon’s infamous […]

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