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How to Become a Realtor

The real estate business has always been a great market. Since buying and selling a property has always been on the demand and people are always buying and selling a property. So if you are planning to become a realtor, then it is an excellent market to get. Unlike other degrees, you do not need a costly education to become a real estate agent or a broker.

If you think you have the skill of convincing people, then this is the job for you. Real estate brokers need a lot of skill in convincing their clients into buying property. The more you convince people to purchase a property the better will be your job profile.


So to become a real estate agent or a broker you can follow the below step. These steps can guide you into becoming a real estate agent or a broker.

  • Take up the pre-licensing course.
  • Take up the licensing exam.
  • Find a brokerage.
  • Create your profile.

Take up the pre-licensing course:

Be it whatever state or district you are in, before taking up the licensing exam you must take the pre-licensing course. Without taking the course, you will not be allowed to take up the licensing exam. In the pre-licensing course, you will be taught about the basic terminology used in the real estate business, and you will also be taught how to value the property. These courses have a different duration in various states. Some states require only a few hours of classes while other states require more hours of coursework. You have finished up your pre-licensing course you are allowed to take up the exam.

Taking up the licensing exam:

After completing the required hours of pre-licensing course, you need to take up the exams. The license may cost you around $200, and it may vary from state to state. The pre-licensing courses will help you with the exams.

Find a brokerage:

Once you are licensed, you need to find a brokerage. To become a real estate broker, you first must get trained from the brokerage. The brokers will guide you through various things in the business. Make sure that you find a good brokerage so that you get proper training.  Make sure that you get the required additional coursework and if you can work with a broker in the brokerage so that you can learn from them.

Also, make sure that you work with someone who has a good experience in the field and learn about the client contact style and the art of earning commission checks.

Create your profile:

Once you have completed everything, you need to create a good profile for yourself. Creating your profile starts right from the beginning. The kind of pre-licensing course you took and the licensing exams you had taken up matters in creating a good profile for yourself. The clients are interested to know if you are certified properly and if you have had a good brokerage.


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